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Wisconsin’s One Day of Rest in Seven Law and Other Legal Fun Facts

Yo, listen up, I got some legal info for you to know,
From Wisconsin’s one day of rest in seven law, to Parris Island legal office where the experts draw.

If you wanna be a GM, you gotta know the certification requirements,
And when you’re flying your drone in Lithuania, you better be aware of the drone laws, or you might end up in some retirements.

When you’re flying with JetBlue, don’t forget the liquid rules,
And in the magistrates court, you better know how to act cool, so you don’t get ruled.

When you need an agreement, make sure to fill out the inter-observer agreement form 2022,
If you’re self-employed, find out if your health insurance premiums are tax deductible, and then you’re good to go and perform.

In the world of legal writing, don’t forget the punctuation symbols, so your writing looks professional and cool,
And if you’re buying stuff in Anderson County, check out the sales tax rate to make sure you’re not the fool.

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