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😘❀😘_10 Things we can learn from Rajasthani Brides πŸ‘°!_😘❀😘

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😘❀😘 It's about an all the traditions customs which can followed by Rajsthani brides , And details about the things which can be learned by them.😘❀😘

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Best Rajasthani Bride

Rajasthani Brides

😘❀😘The royal state of Rajasthan is steeped in art and culture that reflects the Indian way of life. 😘❀😘

😘❀😘The people of Rajasthan celebrate their traditions with great  fervour. 😘❀😘

😘❀😘Rajasthani tradition and  rituals can be traced back to a thousand years, right up to the Vedas. 😘❀😘

😘❀😘Every important occasion comes with particular procedures and processes that are very unique to this state.😘❀😘

😘❀😘Rajasthan has a rich tradition of folk music and dance. Soo many festivals celebrated hear kite festival , camel festival , fair and other fests .😘❀😘

😘❀😘Rajasthani Food are soo delicious and delightful here  some very famous cuisine are Ghevar , kachoris , shaahi gatte , Dal baati churma etc.😘❀😘

Best Rajasthani Bride

😘❀😘 Weddings  in Rajasthan are a lively and embellished affair. 😘❀😘

😘❀😘Various ceremonies and functions are held in weddings like , 😘❀😘

 _# Tilak_ 

 _# Toran_ 

 _# Saptapadi_ 

 _# vidayi_ 

😘 And many more! 😘

😘❀😘 A Rajasthani woman on her wedding day looks nothing less than a queen with her beauty elements . 😘❀😘

😘❀😘 Rajasthani bride is dressed in a ghagra-choli and adorned in traditional jewellery with uncut diamonds called a timaniyaan. 😘❀😘

 πŸ˜˜β€πŸ˜˜She is led to the mandap to take her vows with her soulmate for a lifetime of happiness together.😘❀😘

😘❀😘A bride bride is one of the most elegant brides you will ever seen .😘❀😘

_We can Learn soo many Things from a Rajsthani brides like,_ 

*1*  πŸ˜˜β€πŸ˜˜ We can learn how to manage Heavy worked attires , Lehengas .😘❀😘 

 *2* .😘❀😘  Their ritual of talking  _Ghoonghat_ which looks too good and manner full.😘❀😘

 *3* . 😘❀😘Their rituals of touching feet of elder ones .😘❀😘

 *4* . 😘❀😘A bride is believed to be incomplete without her exquisite jewellery she take care of her things. 😘❀😘

 *5* .  😘❀😘Their Don’t jump into a separation from his husband , family this is a life-changing decision they have made .😘❀😘 

 *6* . 😘❀😘Theirs Don’t run home every time It’s not going to help you to learn to gain the trust of the new family.😘❀😘

 *7* .😘❀😘 Rajasthani brides are pretty big with huge naats,  and they look splendid in oxidised jewels we can learn how to reuse things within generations.😘❀😘 

 *8* . 😘❀😘We can learn the Experimenting Nature which can  change the whole look Again and again. 😘❀😘

 *9* . 😘❀😘Morning prayers and routines this is a very important custom in Rajasthan . It Is the responsibility of a bride to do this . 😘❀😘

 *10* . 😘❀😘The bride should remember all the  important parts of the custom , culture and traditions. 😘❀😘

 πŸ˜˜β€πŸ˜˜ All these things everyone Learn and also adopt from Rajasthani costume !😘❀😘

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