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An intimate wedding with 50 guests

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A wedding with only very special guests and a wedding with the decor of wall with beautiful roses.

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Well the topic is around an intimate wedding wedding with minimum guests in the current phase of time due to coronavirus.

So, here are my thoughts and views about an intimate wedding with lesser people , that there is nothing to worry about minimization of your guests , because the less people the more they are closer to you and very special for you . And I am sure that you will enjoy time freely and openly with everyone without any worries and complaints.

Planning of a successful intimate wedding with minimum guests

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So, how to plan a successful and joyful intimate wedding with maximum 50 guests.

Well in all of your lives wedding is the biggest function and may be the biggest happiness of your life, So it has to be very wonderful so that everyone will remember it for their lifetime, so why not before holding an intimate wedding ceremony make sure that it will be a meaningful and majestic wedding with minimum guests.

Now if you are wanting to have an intimate wedding with fewer guests , a destination wedding is the best option for this in my opinion.

Destination wedding with lesser guests is very wonderful and unique and also very attractive and easy for you, there is not any kind of stress nor anything to worry or care about.

Wall of roses

Well if you are thinking of decoration or decor a wall with beautiful roses in your intimate wedding,

Here are my opinions for the decoration of walls with roses , I love decoration with roses , so as well as I thought everyone likes decoration of walls with roses.

There are many kinds of roses ,you will have to choose according to your desire and liking,

For example- Modern garden Roses, Climbing Roses, David Austin Roses, Floribunda Roses,

and many more .

Well decoration of a wall with beautiful roses is a great idea and it is a fun and flirty way to express a sweet romance , and a wall of roses is a unique design and a centre of attraction also in your intimate wedding with minimum guests.

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