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🤍❤🤍Brides who stayed in white lehenga on their Maribelle day wedding day🤍❤🤍

White Color Lehenga | Weddings Junction | Best Wedding Planner
🤍❤🤍The lehenga has always been associated with red color.🤍❤🤍

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Image Source : Josh India

🤍❤🤍Most people prefer the red colored lehenga, but now the time has changed.  Now we have lots of colors.  Like Sea Green white Sky Blue Baby Pink orange etc….🤍❤🤍

🤍❤🤍But of all these colors, the most attractive is the white color Lehenga.🤍❤🤍

🤍❤🤍We have seen many such brides who used to think that she looks good only in red color, 🤍❤🤍

Image Source : Pinterest

🤍❤🤍But the confusion of many such brides has gone away that she looks more beautiful in white lehenga than in red lehenga. 🤍❤🤍

🤍❤🤍Now it is also heard that there is some bride who has left red yellow green blue lehengas or clothes after wearing white lehenga.  The white color is starting to look so appealing to them. 🤍❤🤍

Off White Lehenga With Golden Ivory Dupatta

🤍❤🤍Today, Wedding Junction will tell you about different types of lehengas and will also show you a picture of it.🤍❤🤍

🙈Are you ready???🙈

😅Now start 😅

1. sine white lehenga 

🤍❤🤍It is pure white lehenga and has a lot of shine 

In our opinion, you must include it once in your wedding 🤍❤🤍

2. off white with yellow red printed lehenga 

🤍❤🤍This is the perfect combo. You will get a lot of designs with this color combination.

Please you should try for your wedding 🤍❤🤍 

3. silver embroidery on white lehenga

🤍❤🤍There is no need to say anything about a lehenga.  You would know  Silver color a royal color And it’s with white color you must try for your wedding🤍❤🤍

4. Pink embroidery on white lehenga 

🤍❤🤍The point of pink embroidery and pink color is different.  It is the favorite color of women’s

If nothing special happens in this color.  Yet women find something special in this color and it is indeed a much better combination with white. Please try it🤍❤🤍

5. white and red lehenga

Image Source : Josh India

🤍❤🤍The red and white color combination is amazing Because our culture is associated with red and our color is associated with white color  And what good will it be when culture and fashion combine us together.🤍❤🤍

🤍❤🤍As you have seen in the photos, there are many other colors that are paired with a white lehenga and the white lehenga itself is a lot.  You may prefer a white lehenga or a multi-colored lehenga with white lehenga.🤍❤🤍

🤍❤🤍 Thanks 🤍❤🤍

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