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☝ It's about an 💏'shubh Vivah'💏� in Hindu religion🇮🇳 in india. 😍It's also called 'shaadi'.🤴👸Here we💜 will describe🙈 about vivah💏 and rituals.👩‍❤️‍👨

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👸 Bride & Groom🤴


 💏Shubh Vivah💏

😍😍Vivaah is marriage as it is practiced by Hindus in the indian ❤❤subcontinent.😍😍

It is about the💏💜 strongest💏 bond❤ between a man and a woman, which takes place in the 💃💃presence❤ of their parents, ❤relatives,❤ and friends. ❤

❤💛❤This is an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime.❤💛❤

🤞🤞They promised 🙈🙈each other to always be with 😍❤💃each other, always respect 💏💜each other💏💜 and their families. 😍❤

❤💛❤One of Most important thing is this that ❤💛❤

❤💛❤ all the Hindu God 🙏and Goddesses 🙏are also united or involved in this.❤💛❤

 🙏🙏There is sooo many steps 👣 followed in indian 🇮🇳👳 ‘shubh Vivaah🤴👸’ everything 😍is accordingly order vise and in Auspicious time ⌚ or we can is in ‘🙈🙈shubh muhurat💜❤’..

Because in indian🇮🇳 culture it’s very important 🤴👸to do any wedding 🙈rituals🙈 , it should be held in 🤞 shubh muhurat.❤💛❤🙏🙏

💏💃😍 _Like,👇💜👸

1.(Baarat) means arrival of groom and there family😍💏😍

2.Var pooja.😍💏😍

3.(Jaimala)exchanges of garland by bride and groom.😍💏😍

3. (Kanyadaan) , giving the bride hand to groom hands.😍💏😍

4.Exchange of vows and conditions.😍💏😍

Indian Bride | Weddings Junction

a.Mangal phera.💏❤💏

b. Sindoor Bharan.💏❤💏

c. Mangal Sutra.💏❤💏

c.Exchange sweets.💏❤💏

d. Ashirwad._ 💏❤💏

                  💏❤shubh Vivaah’ ❤💏

❤💛❤unique as ❤compared to 💃💃those of the other communities ❤💛❤in India.❤💛❤

💃💃💃💏And the spirit💛❤💛 behind this😍 ceremony is💃💃💃💏

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