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❤😘_25 Grooms rock with their Tuxedos other than black and grey_ ❤😘

Groom In Texudo | Weddings Junction | Wedding Planner In Lucknow
It's about an different colours of Tuxedos rather than black and Grey which is weared by 25th real grooms.

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Black and grey is a semi-formal Western dress code for evening events, originating in British and American conventions. Tuxedos are common in America. But Now, In India Grooms rock with their Tuxedos.

Tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers.

 Today tuxedo functions like proms and in weddings. 

Colorful Tuxedos and suits are the raging new trend, with the new color palette and outfit styles are coming in the market left and right. 

Here every one think’s that’s tuxedo and suits are similar to each other but it’s not true

tuxedos are defined by the accent fabrics used, and where. Tuxedos feature a silk satin lapel.

While suits are designed in one consistent fabric throughout the jacket.


Groom In texudo

 *1.* Blush Pink Tuxedo which looks so slaying on the stylish groom .

 *2* . A white tuxes, a blue shirt and navy buttons with no tie for the beach groom’s look.

 *3* . Wine coloured Tuxedos for wedding.

 *4* . A very stylish olive green coloured Tuxedo.

 *5.* A off white bandhgala types Tuxedos.

 *6.* Taffy pink offbeat tuxes .

 *7* . Flamingo Pink Suits which looks stunning.

 *8* . A very deep blue tuxes which looks royal.

 *9* . A jade green or sea green Tuxedos .

 *10* . A Groom’s in Golden & Black Tuxedo. 

 *11* . Floral Tuxedos which looks soo bloomy .

 *12* . Printed polka dot tuxedos is very Trendy these days .

 *13* . Pale Green Tuxedo which looks more prettier when it is coordinated by bride pale green  Lehenga. 

 *14* . A yellow glowly tuxes which is weared with printed tie.

 *15* . A deep burgundy tuxedo which is looks just as smart as classic. 

 *16* . A light blue checkered tuxes which looks so formal .

 *17* .  A dark green Tuxedos coordinated with pink bow tie  and pink handkerchief.

 *18* . A red Velvet fabrics tuxedo  looks just so striking. 

 *19* . Skull print and the wolf print Tuxedos.

 *20* . Icy white trousers with his soft blue tuxes.

 *21* . A breezy brown Tuxedo .

 *22* . A white shirt, neutral waistcoat with olive green trousers. 

 *23* . A awesome organe Tuxedos paired with blue heart print bow tie and black shoes.

 *24* . A creamy suit, a white shirt, a cremay bow tie and brown shoes .

 *25* . A white suit, a white shirt, a mint green tie and a mauve boutonniere .


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