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🥳❤🥳The list of Auspicious Jaipur marriage date Muhurat 2021🥳❤🥳

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🥳❤🥳2020 very bad for wedding and other matters The year 2020 has been difficult for a lot of reasons,But don't worry 2021 is coming 2021. If you’ve postponed your wedding to next year or simply thinking to get hitched in 2021, then here’s a list of auspicious wedding dates according to the Jaipur calendar 🥳❤🥳

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Let’s know something about Jaipur. List of Auspicious Jaipur marriage date Muhurat 2021

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🥳❤🥳Jaipur is the traditional destination of India, which is the largest capital city of Rajasthan and also known as the Pink City of India. It is a cultural place, there are many beautiful Forts, where you see amazing architecture, which was created by “Rajputs”🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳This beautiful city is also popular as “the Pink City” because the monuments of this city are made of pink stone. This beautiful city has various sightseeing places to enjoy like Nahargarh Fort, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, 

Hawa Mahal (The Wind Palace, has the 953 windows), Jal Mahal (located on picturesque Mansagar Lake), City Palace (complex of many beautiful structures), Albert Hall and many more. In Jaipur, the City Palace Museum has a rich collection of royal items like Sanganeri Prints, Pashmina (Kashmiri) shawls, Folk Embroidery, Banarasi Silk Sarees and many more🥳❤🥳

Jaipur Weddings

❤Now the most important thing in Jaipur wedding + culture❤

🥳❤🥳Wedding tradition and customs vary greatly between cultures, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳Jaipur is one of the most loving place, 

And for organising a wedding here it is such a great place.🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳There is various rituals , tradition in every religion here we can describe about some important tradition which can be include in Jaipur Wedding !🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳A wedding is about Man and woman whose in a strong bond of love, care and commitment. And these days every girl aspires to have a jaipur wedding with all the rituals.🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳As we know tradition is a belief or behavior folk custom passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳You can learn about traditions you may never experience firsthand. But without understanding their meanings, you may end up culturally appropriating and offending, even if your intentions are to honor them.🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳Traditions are ideas and beliefs passed down from one generation to the next.🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳Many individuals have curiosity at the pinnacle to know and understand Rajasthani wedding traditions and rituals, there is soo many important , wedding traditions which can be included in Rajasthani             Wedding .🥳❤🥳

🥳❤🥳Here is some jaipur wedding traditions and learn all that you want to know about jaipur weddings 🥳❤🥳

 *1. Bhaat Nyotana* 

🥳❤🥳 In this tradition , the first invitation of the wedding , the bride and groom families send to each other. 🥳❤🥳

 *2. Nandi Ganesh Pooja* 

🥳❤🥳People belief among Rajasthani people that they should make Lord Ganesha an integral part of the wedding function because as he is the lord of happiness and before any wedding 🥳❤🥳

Jaipur Marriage Date Muhurat 2021

🥳❤🥳Let’s know when is the auspicious date for the Jaipur marriage date Muhurat 2021 🥳❤🥳

January Muhurat

Jaipur marriage date Muhurat 2021

February Muhurat

March Muhurat

April Muhurat

May Muhurat

June Muhurat

July Muhurat

🥳❤🥳 3 months after July, August, September, October, Veda Puranas are said to be inauspicious for marriage.

Therefore, according to the Jaipur calendar there is no auspicious date For the auspicious time of marriage, the bride and groom have to wait till Diwali.  After Diwali, the auspicious date and time starts again from November. 🥳❤🥳

November Muhurat

December Muhurat

🥳❤🥳This is a best auspicious  Jaipur wedding dates in 2021 🥳❤🥳

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