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_♥️🌧☔♥️Latest 15 romantic photoshoot ideas in the rain to inspire your pre-wedding and Post wedding !_♥️🌧☔♥️

romantic photoshoot ideas in the rain | Best Wedding Photography In Lucknow

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❤🌧❤Rainy season is all about love. The rain brings couples to move each other more . Here’s we will tell you some romantic photoshoot ideas about clicking pictures in the Rain for your pre and post weddings .❤🌧❤

❤🌧❤This is the dream of every couple to have a romantic shoot in the Middle of Monsoon .❤🌧❤ 

❤🌧❤A pre-wedding photoshoot is something that is in trend and loved by everyone . ❤🌧❤

image Source: Pinterest

❤🌧❤As we know that time , 

actually the era of awkward poses and irritating photographers telling us how to stand are gone . But these days we have knowledge of everything what to do , how to do .❤🌧❤

❤🌧❤Every couple loves having the perfect photography shots of their love, affection and hidden emotions , and it’s all possible in the Monsoon shoots. ❤🌧❤

❤🌧❤Rain is always about some magical feeling so don’t just go with flow like everyone , we hope  that this idea should change your mind from all simple ideas to this Rainy shoots ideas !❤🌧❤

Romantic Photoshoot Ideas In The Rain

 *1* . A Huge water Showers under an umbrella . It looks like a filmy shoot .

 *2* . A walk in the rain with your partner under the umbrella . 

 *3.* Some rain candids using props . 

 *4* . Light and night with Rain , lighting everywhere. 

 *5* . Just looks like welcoming rain with western wear like tops and shorts . 

 *6* . Jumping in the rain with taking umbrella 

With your wedding dress similar dress. 

 *7.* Photoshoot in the middle of the lake wearing a winter dresses it’s look too Charming . 

 *8.* Try out black background the Black and white picture with white dress and white droplets of water isn’t it’s looking too mesmerising . 

 *9* . Just go filmy wearing saree in the rain and the pictures would click like randoms during the couples is dancing . 

 *10* . Eating or having food like corn in the hands during Monsoon , it’s just for food lovers . 

 *11* . Shoots near pool areas with Raining . 

 *12* . Shooting on the ships during rain while wearing swimming costumes . 

 *13* . Shooting in the Garden areas with using kissing props totally shows your lots of love towards your partner. 

 *14* . Rain looks absolutely stunning when backlit at night you can shoot here with your lovable pets . 

 *15* . In monsoon Shoot on stairs with a transparent umbrella which looks stunning.

❤🌧🌈❤ Here, check out some of your favorites and get tips on how to make your rainy pre – wedding or post wedding shoots !❤🌧🌈❤

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