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10‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌for‌ ‌hosting‌ ‌a‌ ‌virtual‌ ‌wedding‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌times‌ ‌of‌ ‌Corona!_💃💛💃‌

😍 It's about an virtual wedding in this pandemic , because if anyone's couple don't want to postponed their wedding in this times so that, it is a best idea to go for an virtual wedding.😍

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🤩 You have to know a little bit about a virtual wedding🤩

🧐A virtual wedding is a wedding where the officiant, guests, and couple are joined together by a video call.🧐

😷 Because in this Corona times it’s not possible to organize a grand party with soo many guests.😷

😎it’s safe to have a virtual wedding..

Today’s times your friends, your relatives would not allow to attend your wedding and they can’t gather with you .😎

💃But , love somehow always finds a way to come out on top._💃

💛💃💛 _Here’s some tips for hosting a virtual wedding_💛💃💛

1💓💓.Test your internet connection. ( It’s because this is one of the most important thing is internet connection should be strong and without it, there will be no wedding livestream.)💓💓

 2. 💓💓Choose a platform where you can do your live streaming like ( Zoom , instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, HouseParty etc.)💓💓

3.💓💓Fix the timing. (It’s important to be everyone’s presence on fixed times like the friends , family music and the pandits.💓💓

 4.💓💓Speak Loudly & Clearly During the Ceremony. Your family, friend’s may not be able to hear what’s happening between the two of you. So be sure to speak clearly.💓💓

 5.💓💓Plan a Creative Ways to Incorporate with your Guests.Use this opportunity to make your guests feel even more excited , joyfully..💓💓

 6. 💓💓Don’t Forget to Capture your best moments.

Put someone in charge of capturing screenshots or a screen recording is captured of the ceremony so you can keep that memory forever.💓💓

 7.💓💓Bake a cake or something special own for adding more joy to your special day. 💓💓

8 . 💓💓Dress-up and make-up at home

 for your virtual Wedding. Pick something you really want like lehenga, Gowns, that fits the occasion or get dressed up in whatever best can be managed by both 👰 and 🤵..And for makeup pick something natural and refreshing.💓💓

 *9.💓💓 DIY Decor. The decor plays as much of an important role in the wedding. Because beautiful decor looks impressive and sets a good ambience in the ceremony.💓💓

 10.💓💓Open Mic for Blessings .

The wedding feels incomplete without the blessings. You need to arrange for these blessings on your virtual wedding where each guest can speak turn by turn.💓💓

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