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Top 20 Trends For Photographers | Weddings Junction

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  1. Authentic Unedited Raw Beauty
  2. Emphasis On Self Portraits
  3. Analogue Photography And Nostalgia
  4. Outdoor And Environmental Photography
  5. Cyberpunk Settings And Neon Lights Aren’t Dead
  6. Be Bold
  7. High Contrast Photography
  8. Using A Shallow Depth Of Field
  9. Female Empowerment
  10. Post Production Design Elements
  11. Surrealism
  12. Increased Family Portraits
  13. Documenting Age
  14. Masked Up
  15. Live Photos
  16. Still Life
  17. Experimental Photography
  18. Drones And Aerial Photography
  19. 360 Photography
Trends Of Photography | Weddings Junction

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