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Have you ever thought about what is candid photography? I think the majority would say No! Today candid photography has become a fashion trend. Candid photography can be best captured in a natural or historical place scenario. But what’s so special about candid photography and how is it different from other kinds of photography? Basically while capturing candid photography one does not pose for it. So it looks very natural. So in one way, we can say that the person being photographed does not even know that someone is capturing his moments. We do sometimes refer it to as secret photography.

This type of photography is a combination of life and emotions, which is why it is the most popular among all other types of photography. For taking a candid shot we need a second photographer. There are very special moments when you can capture candid photography. The best thing about these photographs is that we can capture them even with a normal smartphone. We can have them at a variety of functions as a wedding, pre-wedding,post-wedding, pregnancy shoot.
Let me tell you guys capturing a candid photograph is definitely not an easy task. For ease what photographers have started doing is that they make people pose which would look natural enough to classify for candid. But this kind of photograph would not look completely natural so I would suggest not to pose for candid photography.
If you based in Lucknow I would suggest you visit ….. They are the best candid photographers based in Lucknow. At least I can confidently vouch for them.
Things you need to remember when you are hiring a Candid Photographer-
1. Traditional and Candid photographers are different. – Be aware of the fact that today even the normal studio photographers claim themselves to be candid photographers. They would try to impress you by showing you the works of other photographers. They would give cheap rates to impress you as they do have a commission on converting the leads. Let me tell you candid is completely a different section of photography that every photographer cannot handle.

2.They are a bit Expensive – Don’t let photographers fool you and charge an ultra-high amount for the candid photographs. Though I completely accept the fact that candid photography is expensive because you need to use a camera with long lenses. In general, a good candid photographer would charge 10 percent extra than traditional photography. Keep that in mind so that next time no photographer can charge you the extra penny

3.You need at least two photographers – If you are planning to have both candid and traditional photographs for your wedding or pre-wedding shoot then you need at least two photographs. Why two? Because when you talk about candid photography you need one person for full time just to handle candid photography and the other guy for traditional photography.

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